Learn Spanish in Montañita

Our school in Montañitais located at the top of Montañita, the surf paradise of Ecuador. The school has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and is just a stones-throw away from the beach. The students are coming from all over the world and are of all levels, from beginner to advanced students. The school organises many activities, such as BBQ’s, surf trips, yoga classes, welcome dinners, trips around Ecuador, bonfire parties and more. The school was voted by the language industry as one of the best six language schools worldwide (STAR awards).

Intensive Spanish mini group

Follow two 2-hour lessons per day, 5 times a week. There are different groups with different kind of levels. In the morning classes you will get grammar, in the afternoon you will practise the points learned before through conversations, games and role-plays.

Private one-to-one

If you want individual attention or you want to learn specific Spanish, like medical private lessons are ideal for you. If you are travelling with someone with the same abilities as you, than it is also possible to take classes together. This course consists of 20 hours Spanish per week.

Spanish & Surfing

Montañita is one of the best places in Ecuador to learn surfing for all levels and abilities from beginners to very experienced. We also offer bi-weekly surf trips to other beaches around Montañita on Saturday.

Spanish & Volunteering

Help the local community while learning Spanish. There are different options available, for example working at a primary school or in an animal rescue centre. There is a minimum of 2 weeks for this course.

Medical Spanish & Medical Volunteering

This is a special program, designed for those working in the health care industry. Follow Medical Spanish in combination with volunteering work. The course is comprehensive and includes everything from medical terminology to dealing with cultural issues.